Twin Peaks 'Double RR Diner' Sticker

Twin Peaks - Double R Diner sticker, 
original sticker by bestplayever
This is a permanent semi gloss self adhesive sticker (100mm × 100mm) - Simply peel off the back and stick wherever you fancy. 100% waterproof!
The Double R Diner is the local diner in the town of Twin Peaks. It is owned and operated by Norma Jennings. It is a town institution and often times hang-out, specializing in home-made pie and coffee. It is open all days of the week and holidays. It is also responsible for the town Meals on Wheels program, and is a sponsor of the Miss Twin Peaks Pageant.
Based on the actual logo seen in the show, not the italic "rr" sign made by the real life owners of the shop to cash in after the series was aired!

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