Wes Anderson Notebook Collection

4 Wes Anderson Inspired Notebooks!
Original bestplayever lined or plain notebooks!

This is for 4 notebooks in total (Up to 30% OFF buying them individually!)

1 x "Three Plays" by Margot Tenenbaum
1 x "Coping With The Very Troubled Child"
1 x "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
1 x "Darjeeling Limited Print"

READ CAREFULLY! - There are 3 options!

4 Notebooks in A6 (smaller size)
4 Notebooks in A5 (larger size)
4 Notebooks - 2 in A5 and 2 in A6 (mixture of both sizes)
8 Notebooks, each notebook in each size (exactly like the first image!)


1. "Three Plays" by Margot Tenenbaum
- Erotic Transference
- Nakedness Tonight
- Static Electricity

2. "Coping With The Very Troubled Child"
Facts, opinions, and misconceptions
By Dr Romulus Trilling M.D.

3.The Grand Budapest Hotel Notebook!
Submerge yourself in the Republic of Zubrowka with this notebook based on the memoir we see at the start of the new Wes Anderson film.

4. "Darjeeling Limited Print" Notebook
Inspired by the Louis Vuitton / Eric Anderson designed luggage seen throughout the film!

- Our notebooks are proudly printed in the UK using recycled papers and card.
- 48 pages held together with stapled squared spines.
- The cover is printed on 300gsm recycled board whilst the innards are printed on crisp 80gsm off white recycled paper.
- Lined or plain innards
- Available in A5 or smaller A6 sizes

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