Twin Peaks, Bookhouse Boys Sticker

Twin Peaks, Bookhouse Boys sticker

Become an honorary member of the Bookhouse Boys, like Agent Dale Cooper, with permanent semi gloss self adhesive sticker (100mm × 100mm) - Simply peel off the back and stick wherever you fancy. 100% waterproof!

The Bookhouse Boys was formed to combat the darkness surrounding the town. The club's best known members are:

Sheriff Harry S. Truman
Deputy Hawk
Big Ed Hurley
James Hurley
Joey Paulson, biker friend of James Hurley
Cappy, another teenage biker
Dale Cooper, made an honorary member later on, the only known non-resident member.

According to Sheriff Truman, Hank Jennings was also once one of the Bookhouse Boys, and in fact, "one of the best". However, Hank's later behaviour, including drug dealing and assassination attempts, which resulted in him getting sent to prison, suggests that he was almost certainly expelled.

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