Wes Anderson Pin Offer!

July 29, 2019

Five years ago this summer we started bestplayever by bringing the fictional books in Wes Anderson films to life as notebooks. At some point during those 5 years we "thought, those notebooks would look great simplified as enamel pins", and they do! So to celebrate our 5th birthday we are offering 3 of these pins for the price of 2! So, get 'em whilst they're hot, etc!

To celebrate our 5 years, we've created a new listing where you can get all three Wes Anderson pins for the price of two!

Wes Anderson Pins

Grand Budapest Hotel Pin
Inspired by the memoir seen at the start of the film. On rose gold metal plating.

Three Plays Pin
Inspired by the book of plays Margot Tenenbaum writes in The Royal Tenenbaums The fictional book includes:
- Erotic Transference
- Nakedness Tonight
- Static Electricity

Coping With The Very Troubled Child Pin
Inspired by the book Suzy holds in Moonrise Kingdom
By Dr Romulus Trilling M.D.

PS Happy Birthday to Us

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