Steve Harrington T-Shirts!

October 12, 2016

Steve! Steve Harrington! Steve Harrington on a T-shirt! These were originally offered as a pre order, and despite huge interest (3 backers) we sadly didn't hit the 10 we needed for them to be made.  Despite this and perhaps as a retaliation to market forces and sensible business practices, we decided to have them made anyway. Are these going to sell out? Probably not. Is the world a better place because they exist? Definitely.


Steve Harrington T shirt   

Why Steve? Why? WHY?! Steve is Hawkins High School's conflicted dreamboat! Following in the trailblazing (yes?) performances of James Hurley in Twin Peaks Steve has perhaps taken the role a step further, leaving the viewer not at all convinced by his existence. Is he good? Is he bad? Can people be described in such basic terms? Does goodness exist? What is life? etc etc. Hopefully Steve won't spend the second series talking about how he's going to leave town on a motorbike, eventually leave for one day and come back immediately . On second thoughts, hopefully thats exactly what he does.


Steve and Nancy


Steve Shirt is available to purchase here 

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