'Let Kids Vote'- TEN THINGS #21

October 15, 2020

Ten Things

#21  'Let Kids Vote'


Hello! This is our 21st 'Ten Things', our apparently 'generally monthly but sometimes every 44 and a half days newsletter!'

If you see anything interesting, fun, 'good', stupid or just generally worthy of more attention please email us at hello@bestplayever.com and we may include it next time.


So in no order of significance, heres this months Ten Things:


1. More drama in a minute than most films

2. As the top comment says: 'That’s the meaning of life.'

3. Summon Mike Judge with proper King of the Hill animation

4. Remember when Arnie played the actual devil in End of Days? Well here he is acting out something similar in real life

5. Why do they keep writing this story?

6. Whats that? Good official Simpsons Merchandise?Thats right!

7. Is Bob Dylan okay? After watching him, in some degree of social discomfort, doing his line from We Are The World, I am not sure.

8. American news may need a reset

9. Let kids vote.

10. Garfields found on ebay



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