Am I Disabled? Simpsons inspired Notebook

August 09, 2016

King-Size Homer is the 7th episode of the 7th season of The Simpsons and its a truly great episode. First aired on November 5 1995, it’s the episode where Homer decides to fake a disability so he can work from home. Heres a short clip from that episode that will do much more to illustrate how good the episode is than the large paragraph, meticulously describing every scene that I just deleted.

Earlier in the episode Homer consults a workplace leaflet, entitled “Am I Disabled?”, whilst wondering if he could get a disability to miss out on the power plants daily exercises. Homer eventually opts for obesity and after advice from Dr. Nick Riviera he achieves such severe obesity that he is entitled to work from home.

am i disbled notebook

We decided to make the fictional leaflet real life! Re-imagined as a useful notebook and proudly printed in the UK using only recycled papers and card, you too can find out “Am I Disabled?”! The notebook is made up of 48 lined pages held together with stapled squared spines. A5 size (148 x 210 mm) so perfect for keeping in a drawer or bag, ready to be used whenever needed! Below is a photo of my well (?) used notebook of jottings made whilst on the phone.

used notebook jottings am i disabled

Am I Disabled notebook available here. Other Simpsons inspired notebooks can be seen here

Homer, give me a ride or everyone does

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